Bluetooth Adapter Kit – Mercedes Benz

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MoBridge Mercedes Benz iPhone / iPod / Bluetooth  Adapter Kit


iPod / iPhone Lightning Jack Support

Stream Internet Radio such as Pandora / Spotify / Sirius XM Music apps through your iPhone and iPod Touch

Available Bluetooth integrates with factory steering wheel controls. Complete Bluetooth browsing just like hard wired iPod

The  Bluetooth, iPod and Auxiliary Input Interface is the most advanced after-market Bluetooth Interface available for many MOST-bus vehicles. It allows the use of the vehicle’s factory controls and display unit, to control and browse the functions of your mobile phone and iPod. By utilizing Parrot Bluetooth Technology, mObridge offers Best-In-Class telephone support for greater than 1,000 supported devices.
It also allows for full control of music from your iPod or iPhone, through the factory CD changer interface.



This kit connects your iPod / iPhone directly to the factory stereo system in your vehicle through the satellite radio / auxiliary input on the back of the factory radio. Since this is a direct-connection iPod adapter, it is guaranteed to have CD Quality Sound with absolutely no static or distortion.

Users can navigate their iPod / iPhone music library either through using the iPod itself, or by using the controls on the factory radio and steering wheel. The radio preset buttons 1-6 are used to navigate between Albums, Artists, and Playlists… while the track controls are used to cycle through songs within the Playlist / Album. Artist and Song Title information is displayed on the factory radio in vehicles with the ability to display text information.

This integration kit powers and charges the iPod / iPhone while connected, and automatically shuts it off when you exit the vehicle. Users never have to worry about charging the iPod before using it in the car, or turning it off when they leave.


This kit is designed specifically for the stereo system in your vehicle, and connects directly to the back of the radio without any cutting or splicing wires. The adapter box itself is small, and sits in the open space behind the factory radio. A single cable runs from the adapter box directly to the docking connector on the bottom of the iPod / iPhone. All of the Sound, Power, and Control are done from this single cable, resulting in the cleanest and most factory looking installation possible.
The  Porsche iPod / iPhone Integration car kit is compatible with both standard and premium audio systems. Navigation, Satellite Radio, and 6-disc “in-dash” CD Changer systems are fully compatible and will continue to work normally.


    • Controls from radio, steering wheel, and iPod / iPhone
    • CD-Quality audio (depends on MP3 bitrate)
    • Browse music by song, playlist, album, and chapter
    • Features an AUX input3.5mm(1/8in audio port) to allow connection of aftermarket satellite radio, non Apple MP3 players, and more
    • Keeps iPod / iPhone charged
    • Supports unlimited playlists

Kit Includes

  • M2 Most Pro Control Unit
  • Single Parrot Bluetooth microphone ( available with Connect and Pro kits)
  • Quick Start Manual
  • Plug and Play wiring harness to connect to factory radio
  • Fiber Optic T and Loop
  • USB extension with AUX plug

Compatible Vehicles


YearMake / Model
2005 – 2007Mercedes C Class
2004 – 2006Mercedes CL Class
2005 – 2009Mercedes CLK Class
2005 – 2010Mercedes CLS Class
2004 – 2008Mercedes E Class
2007 – 2009Mercedes G Class
2007 – 2012Mercedes GL Class
2004 – 2008Maybach
2006 – 2011Mercedes ML Class
2006 – 2008Mercedes R Class
2004 – 2006Mercedes S Class
2006 – 2008Mercedes SL Class
2005 – 2011Mercedes SLK Class
    Note: 1 -External CD changer must be disconnected



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