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Hi Dana,

 Thanks for the quick , after hours and helpful
reply.  I think this is exactly what I am 
looking for!


Smartphone Integration Device - SID - Intraphex
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Smartphone Integration Device - SID - Intraphex

Authorized Intraphex Dealer

Smartphone Integration Device, or we like to call it S.I.D. is a 100% plug-and-play, universal video and audio mirroring device to be able to redisplay your smartphone’s HDMI output signal on to virtually any screen imaginable!

The video and audio will be seamlessly mirrored to the secondary screen and/or audio system while all the original video and input is still being viewed and controlled thru the host device’s touch screeninput.

S.I.D. can output video in composite (CVBS) or analog RGB (800 x 480) to be able to use this producton any monitor or screen with a video input, whether its a flip down DVD player, headrest monitors, in dash monitor or any other monitor or location desired. S.I.D. has one input for the smartphone and up to three(3) composite video outputs to be able to add this as the entertainment hub for the entire vehicle’s rear seatentertainment (R.S.E.)

“Kids can just plug in their iPhones and play the games from their phone on the screen in the back of the car!” –Donnie Zaney, CTO Intraphex

• Supports smartphone signal 720p input, with composite video and analog RGB 480p output

• Perfectly mirrors IOS & Android 100% of what is displayed on the screen of the phone

• Compatible with original or aftermarket monitors via composite video (CVBS) or RGB output

DETAILS: Supported Devices: IOS UP to 4S / Any Android model can be supported with MirroringVideo & Audio: It is up to IOS / Android’s specification 

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