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Hi Dana,

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USB / iPhone / Android car kit  Honda / Acura - USB / iPod / Bluetooth
Honda USB car kit wiring diagramBluetooth Hardware
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USB / iPhone / Android car adapter kit  Honda / Acura -  iPod / Bluetooth  

Authorized GROM Audio Dealer

Stream Internet Radio such as Pandora / Spotify / Sirius XM Music apps through your iPhone and iPod Touch

Android Control , Charge , Play

  • Install GROM-USB or GROM-MST3 interface in your car and connect to your factory radio
  • Connect your Android Smartphone or Tablet to GROM adapter via USB cable
  • Download the latest firmware from GROM Software page and install it to your GROM-USB or GROM-MST3
  • Download free AALinQ app from Google Play and install it on your Android mobile device
  • Connect your Android Smartphone or Tablet PC to GROM adapter via USB cable
  • Play music from your mobile phone and control through phone or factory car stereo
  • Use the steering wheel or car stereo buttons to change tracks, browse between playlists
  • See the song titles, artists, album names on the factory display or the phone itself
  • Charge while in the car

USB Connection: GROM-USB car stereo adapter connects your USB 2.0 device such as flash drive, external hard drive or mass storage device to the stock stereo in your car. With GROM-USB you can listen to your digital music library and control the playback through your car stereo controls.

iPod/iPhone Integration: Connect your iPod/iPhone to the car stereo. Control music files with the car stereo or steering wheel controls, browse by folders and files, and charge your iPod/iPhone. Works with iPhone 4s/ 5 /5s / 6 / 6 plus

AUX Input: 3.5 aux connection for any additional audio source (such as DVD, MP3 player, XM and more).

  • Converted USB disk into virtual CD changer

  • Plays MP3 / WMA / iTunes (AAC) files

  • Browse your music files via car stereo buttons (check Operation Manual)

  • Navigates through directories and map them to the disc buttons on your car stereo or steering wheel controls

  • Plays higher than CD quality (18 bits) sound directly to your car stereo

  • Provides additional AUX input via 3.5 mm (you will need to get 3.5 mm male to male cable for that)

  • Provides additional iPod/iPhone interface with full control and charge with GROM IPOD 5V cable for USB

Add Bluetooth

  • Plugs directly to the extension port of interface

  • Gives wireless handsfree with dial/accept/reject call

  • Allow for wireless A2DP playback with AVRCP control

  • Compatible with large number of phones

  • Plug and play

The BTD adapter from GROM AUDIO allows the seamless bluetooth integration for all vehicles supported with GROM Audio USB2 interfaces.

It allow for a wide set of functionality to be added: Bluetooth Hands free (HFP), Bluetooth Audio playback (A2DP), Bluetooth wireless audio control (AVRCP).
In hands free mode you are able to: accept call, reject call, dial the last called number, adjust microphone gain and audio volume - all using car stereo and steering wheel controls.

Bluetooth Audio playback allows you to stream the music directly from your phone to the car stereo. Now you are able to listen to your MP3s or Pandora played from your mobile phone on car stereo.

Bluetooth wireless audio control (AVRCP) allows you to Pause, Stop, Play, Forward, Backward, Fast Rewind your music playback via car stereo/steering wheel controls.

Compatible Vehicles

  • Acura any make 1992-1998 (please choose HON92 cable)

  • 1991-2005 Acura NSX (please choose HON92 cable)

  • 1999-2003 Acura CL

  • 1999-2001 Acura Integra

  • 1996-1999 Acura TL (please choose HON92 cable)

  • 2000-2003 Acura TL

  • 2001-2005 Acura MDX

  • 2002-2006 Acura RSX (except Type S, with no built-in CD changer)

  • Honda any make 92-98 (please choose HON92 cable)

  • 1999-2002 Honda Accord (no built-in CD changer)

  • 1999-2005 Honda Civic (no built-in CD changer)

  • 1999-2003 Honda CRV (no built-in CD changer)

  • 1999-2004 Honda Odyssey (no built-in CD changer)

  • 2003-2005 Honda Pilot (no built-in CD changer)

  • 1999-2001 Honda Prelude (no built-in CD changer)

  • 1999-2006 Honda Insight (no built-in CD changer)

  • 2000-2004 Honda S2000 (no built-in CD changer)


  • Car stereo adapter in metal enclosure

  • OEM compatible harness to connect to the back of the car stereo

  • USB Type A Male / Type A Female 6FT cable

  • Operation manual


  • 30 days money back guarantee

  • 1 yr replacement warranty

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