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Hi Dana,

 Thanks for the quick , after hours and helpful
reply.  I think this is exactly what I am 
looking for!


USB / iPod / iPhone / Satellite Radio - Universal Media Interface
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USB / iPod / iPhone / Satellite Radio - Universal Media Interface 

  • Stream Internet Radio such as Pandora / Livio / Sirius XM / iHeartRadio Music apps through your iPhone /  iPod Touch

  • Lower Cost Alternative for high end vehicles requiring Fiber Optic Cables who do not want to tap into cables
  • Works with most makes and models.  Connects through Antenna port - Retaining all Radio functions

The USB is also compatible with the new Apple Lightning cable. and the iPhone 5 / 5s / 5c / 6 / 6 plus

Connect your iPod / iPhone / USB / Sirius Satellite Radio

Think of the FMRDS-USB PRO as a device that keeps you connected to all of your favorite digital devices while in your car. For example you can connect your iPod and browse to your new playlist. Or, you can listen to your buddy's favorite new tune that they have on their USB flash drive. Or, you may want to switch to your sirius tuner to listen to the game. And, since it connects to any car, you no longer need those overplayed pile of CDs in your glove box.

Direct Connection / No FM Modulator

This is NOT an FM transmitter! The FMRDS-USB PRO is a hard-wired kit that connects directly to your car's radio. This means no static and no more radio stations fading in to break the groove to your sing-along. The completely digital audio circuit is resistant to any other interference and insures that your music retains it's quality.

Displays Text

Radios that support RDS text display (artist and song information from radio stations) will display the song information from the connected device. With a quick glance, see what playlist the iPod is playing or what folder you selected on your USB drive.

Remote Control Included

The included remote has all the buttons to control any connected device. With shortcut buttons designed to easily navigate through playlists, artists and albums, you spend less time pressing buttons and more time on driving.

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