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Hi Dana,

 Thanks for the quick , after hours and helpful
reply.  I think this is exactly what I am 
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VSM G3 Features

- The VSM G3 is a Vehicle Specific Mount. What does that mean for you? No more overgrown mounts dwarfing your phone. The VSM G3 is made to fit YOUR vehicle and your electronics. Its professional fit will make you think it came with the car.

Unique Ball - The G3 mounting bracket features a molded ball which allows you to pivot, twist, angle, extend or even remove your electronic device easily and quickly. This small feature allows you to hook directly up to the Garmin Nuvi. Tools? Not here. The ball even allows your passenger to have full access to your electronics. So simple.

A Plate - The A Plate attaches to the ball of the G3, which provides a platform for mounting your electronics, such as the iPhone or iPod Touch. Now you can keep your device as close as possible to the dash and right at your fingertips. (Included with every G3).

J Stem - Made of rare, high performance resins, the J stem together with the A plate creates a multi-axis and multifunctional joint perfect for your car. The J Stem also acts as an extension arm, so you can reposition your device nearly 3 inches in any direction. Perfect for your car, perfect for you. (Included with every G3).

Small Profile - We don't want any ugly around here! The G3 provides you with a mount that not only works great, but looks great. In an all new, discrete, slim, stainless steel design, the VSM G3 is barely visible, and nothing less than completely desirable.

Quick Change Electronics- The G3 design allows simple swapping of devices. You can swap your Garmin Nuvi for your iPod Touch or your iPhone, and the best part is - you don't need any tools or hardware to do so.

G3 Replacement Program - Once you have purchased and used a VSM G3 mounting bracket, Pro.Fit International will provide you with a FREE replacement VSM G3 for a new or different vehicle for a lifetime!

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